a journey towards yourself, in all your colours and shadows,
connecting back to nature and water,
finding a sense of true belonging and inspiration for your ongoing journey as a human being.

It was back in 2014 when I followed the call to share more than my love for movement, acting and communication, but to integrate the connection to nature and water into my work. This was the initial spark for BEING HUMAN. So far seven retreats have taken place in Germany, Austria, USA and India. I was blessed with many inspiring guest teachers and collaborators supporting this project and now I am very happy for sharing the beautiful responsibility for this creation with my partner Isabelle and my Indian brother Zinnda. Both have contributed with their knowledge and wisdom to BEING HUMAN in the past. Now we are happy for creating it together, as one family.

Holding space for you to grow and enjoy. In a place so dear to us, with so much history in movement and personal development – Forgotten Land in Arambol, Goa, India.

We are ready and excited to diving deep and flying high with you!

<3 Ulli, Isabelle and Zinnda

We will draw from the treasures of Contact Improvisation and Playfight, Craniosacral Bodywork and Yoga, Non-violent Communication and Sharings, Ecstatic Dance and Singing Circles, Indian Rituals. These forms can offer a huge potential for coming back to the more balanced and blissful creatures we truly are. To our understanding there is another crucial aspect for a healthy and balanced life as a human being. It is the connection to NATURE and WATER. We will offer you a unique way to reconnect to the untwisted, natural playfulness and sense of belonging, which many of us lost on the course of what society calls education. We will take time and use simple yet beautiful scores to find back to nature and being one with our environment.

Contact Improvisation and Playfight
Craniosacral Bodywork and Yoga
Non-violent Communication and Sharings
Ecstatic Dance, Singing Circles and Sound Healing
Yagna/Fire Ritual, Samasati Meditation, Sunset Meditation


(including the full program and 3 meals a day)

We will eat together, we will dance and sing together, we will immerse ourselves in nature…

  • First ten tickets @ 290€ each

  • Early bird till 1st January @ 340€ each

  • Regular price from 2nd January 390€ each

  • 8 tickets for Indian residents @ 150€ each

  • 5 helper tickets @ 200 € each


During this retreat you will be offered a variety of different ways to enjoy, heal and connect.