Project Description

Contact Improvisation with Ulli Wittemann

CI Basics & Qualities of touch

In this session I would like to share some basic vocabulary of this fascinating Dance form. Starting from connecting with our own body over different ways to connect to another dancer to using my own body structure for supporting another person in an effortless way…

A second theme will be different qualities of touch and how to communicate, what feels good for me in each moment. That will include the exciting topic of boundaries – How can I feel, what is good for me in each moment and how can I communicate my YES and my NO in a clear yet relaxed way? This vocabulary might be helpful on the dancefloor as much as in everyday life. 😉
We will adapt the material of this and other sessions to the needs and experience level of the group – if there are some advanced dancers, we will keep them “well-fed” and inspired too, of course! 😉