Project Description

Playflight with Ulli Wittemann

Technique for conscious and playful fighting

In my PLAYFIGHT System you will find a space of awareness and presence, where you can empower yourself and learn how to use your warrior energy in a safe and playful way.

It connects the joy of the intensity, presence and dynamic play from martial arts with the listening and playfulness of Contact Improvisation. From 25 years of studying different martial arts forms (Judo, Aikido, Kickboxing, Boxing & Muay Thai) I collected and created a big set of exercises. It is fun for sportive folks as well as for less sportive people – you don’t need any skills/knowledge or special fitness, just motivation for intense movement and connecting.

After a warm-up you will find clearly structured exercises, where you will not only learn new techniques and skills, but also to keep your awareness and presence, when the interaction gets more dynamic and intense. With clear rules and a high presence we can enjoy higher levels of intensity, which we would not dare to tap into in any other setting. There will be moments of free play, where we can practice the exercises or just wrestle and fight as we wish. I will give you scores and guidance along the way in working with your partners. We will wrap up the session with a warm-down and stretching or bodywork.
The focus lies on changing negative images/old stereotypes (or even trauma) of aggressive behaviour into a joyful and playful togetherness… enjoying intensity with awareness and presence.

Moments of verbal exchange will help us gaining more understanding and deepen our experience in motion.

Since 2011 I’ve been sharing this work in countless workshops and festivals in Europe, Asia and North America and the participants are absolutely enthusiastic about the empowerment and joy it can bring, to playfully fight in a well-held environment.