Project Description

Samasati Meditation with ZinnDa

The art of witnessing

Samasati means awareness or consciousness. Buddha called it right mindfulness, Krishnamurti defined it as choiceless awareness, Gurdjieff spoke about it as self-remembering and Osho explained it as witnessing.

The purpose of this meditation is to bring awareness to the denial and fear people have regarding death. The goal of this meditation is to practice the art of witnessing rather than reacting to situations and circumstances. Be aware and remember that since you are alive, you must not take your life for granted.
This session can help you to live your life to the fullest in every moment, being grateful for all the gifts and practising letting go of what isn’t meant for you. Coming closer to your essence and finding clarity about your path. Waking up every morning and saying to yourself: “I am so happy to be alive!”